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The Building BITE Podcast

Season 1, Episode 10



Jul 12, 2021
Featuring Dr. Nathan Blinn, VP of Construction & Strategic Innovation at Eagle Construction of VA.

Special Guest

Dr. Nathan Blinn
VP of Construction & Strategic Innovation at Eagle Construction of VA

Earning both his master's and Ph.D. from the University of Florida (UF), Nathan begins the podcast sharing his journey in the BIM space. He shares his time at UF and elaborates on his dissertation during his doctoral program, where he studied Construction Management, Virtual Design & Construction, and Building Information Modeling.

Tune in to The Building BITE Podcast, as we hear from industry experts about key topics to help you be successful. In this episode, hosts Chris Epps and Mike Diercksen welcome Dr. Nathan Blinn, VP of Construction & Strategic Innovation at Eagle Construction of VA. Nathan shares his expertise on how BIM can drive a company's overall success.

Leading in the use of advanced technologies for residential builder, Eagle Construction of VA, Nathan shares the exciting elements to working on BIM in the residential space compared to commercial construction. Residential BIM application includes quick life-cycle projects with the opportunity to build projects from the ground up.

On today's topic, Nathan provides excellent insights into the realm of building technology and gives us three takeaways that will help companies drive success through the utilization of BIM:

  1. View BIM Management as a Multiplier, Not An Expense
  2. Don't do BIM in a Bubble
  3. And, Don't Overlook the "I" in BIM

Providing examples, he shares how Eagle is utilizing BIM to streamline its process and drive value in the project. Additionally, he speaks to how the firm uses data to drive decisions across all facets of the business – from land acquisition to warranty – and how these strategies are implemented across their portfolio.

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