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The Building BITE Podcast

Season 2, Episode 10



Women in Leadership

Apr 25, 2022
Featuring Cheri Hanes, AVP, Risk Engineering Team Leader for AXA XL.

Special Guest

Cheri Hanes
AVP, Risk Engineering Team Leader for AXA XL

We open the show by welcoming back our first repeat guest in the newly appointed Risk Engineering Team Leader for AXA XL, Cheri Hanes. After connecting with Cheri on her new appointment and responsibilities, we revisit her background, where we learn about her operations experience and her passion for subcontractor default work. For a deeper dive into Cheri and her background, please visit Season 1, 5 Considerations for Mass Timber Construction with Cheri Hanes.

Please tune in to this episode of The Building BITE Podcast, as we hear from industry experts about key topics to help you be successful. The Building BITE hosts Valerie Bono and Mike Diercksen, CRIS, welcome Cheri Hanes, AVP, Risk Engineering Team Leader for AXA XL. 

Diving into the topic at hand, Cheri proceeds to share her take on whether or not supply chain disruption is in fact strictly a covid problem, and some tips on how to prepare for supply chain issues.

  1. Take charge of the big picture: The number one piece of advice is to put someone or a team in charge so that they can get their arms around the big picture. This will allow for the team to strive towards continuous improvement and adaptation where necessary. 
  2. Stay in your sweet spot: If Builders make an effort to do work that is within their “sweet spots” for owners who are collaborative and reasonable, they have a better chance of being successful.
  3. Don’t be too quick to default or terminate: Really think strategically about what that will do to your situation. These issues are complex, and you may run around in circles looking for an alternative supplier.

To learn more about these observations with an industry expert, listen to our full podcast episode with Cheri Hanes, Fact or Fiction: Supply Chain Disruption is a Covid Problem.

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