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Episode: Women in Leadership: Claim Your Space


Tune in to this episode of The Building BITE Podcast, as we hear from industry experts about key topics to help you be successful. In this episode, Valerie Bono, Head of Marketing and Communications and Peter Duggan, President and CEO at Proactive, welcome Vice-President and leader of the Master Builders Risk Business at AXA XL, Kristen Hoskinson. Kristen offers her perspective on women in leadership relating to her career journey.


According to a recent study published by McKinsey, despite women making up 56% of entry-level positions in the financial/insurance sector, only 30% of the vice-presidents and 18% of the C-suite are female.


By following these three life-learned lessons, Kristen was able to claim her space at the table and obtain the respected position she is in today: 

  1. Be intelligent, not just smart. Be beautiful, not just pretty. Be bold, not just strong. Be compassionate, not just kind.
  2. Teach somebody something. Learn something. And make someone’s day brighter.
  3. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.


Kristen shares an inside perspective on several initiatives at AXA XL that are specifically championing women in leadership. She further reveals who has been a big supporter in her career, including one of our recent guests – Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL.  


An astute observation, woman who hold leadership roles today did not have many – true – women in business role models growing up. Kristen is serving as a role model for many, including her daughter. As a working M-O-M (or master of multi-tasking), Kristen shares the skills used both at home and at work. Being able to support the next generation of women leaders, like her daughter, has been a rewarding opportunity.


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