Michael Hinsley

Associate Director

With over a decade of experience, Michael Hinsley, P.E., LEED AP,  provides innovative project controls and risk analysis, while also leading collaborative delay analysis on many high-profile projects. Michael specializes in defining client's risks, and creating a visible plan to manage them. 

Focus on the facts of the situation, and not the emotions. Let the facts drive the solution, and you can get to the bottom of almost any problem.

More About Michael



Michael managed the several high-profile projects during
his tenure at USACE, including engineering and managing
structural construction and quality assurance.  This included
work on the auxiliary spillway at Folsom Dam Reservoir in California.

United States Naval Reserve Logo.png

Michael's experience in the United States Naval Reserves
has given him the experience needed to supervise 70+
reserve Seabees, and to oversee member readiness. 
He is currently a member of Individual Ready Reserve

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Michael assisted the project manager at
Brasfield & Gorrie in developing labor and
equipment projections, while leading the operational
efforts in the completion of defaulted construction
projects. He reviewed construction contracts and
assessment of ongoing projects, developed
fast track recovery plans, and directed oversight
of the construction management to ensure an on-
time completion.


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North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management 


In his spare time, Michael enjoys woodworking/carpentry, fly-fishing, grilling, watching college football (Go Pack!), trips to the beach, and spending time with his kids and other family.

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