4D Scheduling

Going well beyond the typical bar chart schedule, this process analyzes the 3D model of your project in conjunction with a fourth dimension – time – to expose the conflicts in your schedule before you build. Proactive 4D Scheduling takes the critical path methodology required by construction owners to another level – by communicating the probability of completion for project components, as well as the risk factors to end date. If nearly 90% of projects get delayed, can you trust a typical bar chart on a complex project?



4D Scheduling Services


  • 4D Baseline Schedules
  • 4D Schedule Updates
  • 4D Logistics Planning
  • 4D What-If Scenarios
  • 4D Planned vs. Actual
  • 4D Marketing Materials

Creating the Most Important Link

With a unique combination of BIM and scheduling expertise, Proactive consultants can link 3D models to construction schedules – and then animate them to show the project being built over time.

Visualizing Your Schedule

With a 4D model from Proactive, traditional scheduling is transformed into “visual scheduling” that allows you to see what trades need to be where and when; to work through complex phasing issues; and to catch hidden logic flaws in the construction schedule.

Showing Conflicts in a Variety of Ways

For more tech-aware contractor and construction management teams, Proactive provides fully-animated 4D schedules; for project leaders who want to see potential schedule conflicts in a more simplified format, Proactive delivers snapshot visuals and related data.

Reducing the Risk of Delays

By bridging the gap between the planned schedule and how the building is actually constructed in the field – essentially resequencing the interference of your trade subcontractors – Proactive 4D Scheduling consultants can optimize your coordination process and reduce the risk of standard project delays.



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