Neutral Collaborative Claim Analysis

When disputes arise over the delays on a complex, high risk construction project, both sides typically get multiple experts, attorneys, courts and mediators involved. This “traditional” process of construction claim resolution is broken – and is one that Proactive is revolutionizing. Instead, our consultants provide a truly neutral analysis that significantly reduces time and costs for both – yes, both – sides.



Neutral Claim Analysis


  • Neutral CCA™
  • Delay and Disruption Analysis
  • Productivity Claim Review
  • Productivity Claim Preparation
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Scheduling Specification Review
  • Quantification of Damages
  • Document Analysis
  • Acceleration Claim Analysis
  • Change Order Analysis

Exposing the Roots

The key to understanding and resolving construction claims is getting to the bottom of what truly happened on a project. This is often easier said than done – mostly, because the claims analyst jumps to conclusions. Not Proactive. Our consultants dig down to the root causes of delay, disruption and cost overruns – making our assessments more granular and accurate.

Credibility at the Core

Construction managers may be skeptical about Proactive as a singular, neutral analyst. However, the team takes great pride in establishing trust by working for it – never deviating from a methodology that lets logic and facts govern the outcome.

Helping Avoid Claims

Unlike many consulting firms, Proactive can leverage two pockets of excellence at once – its knowledge of complex delay claims, and its experience in scheduling live projects. This unique expertise not only helps clients reduce their risk, it often helps keep them out of a claim dispute at all.

Communicating Clearly

Every claims consultant says they are comprehensive in collecting, and efficient in processing, the information. Beyond those requisite skills, Proactive consultants differentiate themselves through their ability to summarize and communicate findings to you in clear and concise ways. 



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