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If you are a Carrier or Contractor using professional liability insurance, you are likely becoming aware of the game changing policy language related to Rectification. Rather than wait until the professional liability issue causes major damage, Contractors and Insurance companies can deploy Rectification coverage to rapidly rectify the problem before it becomes a larger problem. Proactive has been deployed on Rectification coverage matters all over the world, and we know the path to positive outcomes.




Why Proactive?

Proactive bridges the communication gap between contractors and Insurance Carriers

Proactive’s role in rectification coverage is to bridge the gap between Carriers and Insureds.  We have significant experience with the policy so we can help Carriers coach their Insureds on what is needed to effectively deploy rectification coverage.  Carriers and Insureds can mitigate significant risk so long as there is significant collaboration between the two.  At Proactive, we have been contractors, so we understand the language of the field.  And we have worked with Carriers for over a decade, so we understand insurance.  We can facilitate that much needed collaboration, which can lead to positive outcomes for Insureds and the Insurance companies.



We give you claim bandwidth & efficient processes to respond timely to claims

The faster a professional liability issue is rectified, the better it is for the Insured and the Carrier.  Rapid reaction requires a lot of hands, and Proactive has the bench-strength. Proactive's team of 20+ claims experts offer a 360-degree view, leveraging our own experience working as contractors, and our extensive work with Carriers.  With thousands of Insurance claims processed, our team has seen the pitfalls and refined our processes to avoid them.



We give you consistent collaboration, which is engrained in Proactive’s identity

When it is time to rectify a problem in the field, constant communication between Carrier and Insured is critical.  Proactive gets involved early to meet the Insured where they are in the process and to guide them through all aspects of claim submission. This guidance requires a deep understanding of construction.  Collaboration is in Proactive’s DNA, and we come from the largest builders in the world, so collaboration around detailed construction processes is nirvana for us.



We provide a one-stop shop: Proactive can respond to your complex needs, even on multi-line claims

As coverage products evolve and embrace a “bundled” type of approach, our experience with claims of multiple coverage types gives us a better understanding of the individual elements as well as their impacts on each other.  Many rectification claims can run into snags if there is overlap with other coverages.  Proactive understands those coverages and can work with the Carriers and Insureds to navigate those issues and to achieve positive outcomes.


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