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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Proactive has been good in supporting our team… the support from Proactive and Carrier is really appreciated.

    -President of ENR top 100 Contractor

  • I’m so glad you guys are here to help us with this, because we’d never be able to do this without you guys.

    -Project Scheduler ENR Top 5 Contractor

  • I was a bit skeptical but Proactive was very open and clear with what they were doing.  It was a very transparent process.

    -Senior Vice President of ENR Top 50 Contractor

  • Proactive has been good in supporting our team… the support from Proactive and Carrier is really appreciated.

    -President of ENR top 100 Contractor

Proactive Creates a Bridge for Easy Communication

Proactive’s role in reviewing claims is to create a bridge of communication between Carriers and Insureds.  We have significant experience with Builder’s Risk and Course of Construction “all risk” policies so we can help Carriers coach their Insureds on LEG exclusions, common endorsements, soft costs, sublimits, and documentation requirements for Builder's Risk Coverage.  At Proactive, we have been contractors, so we can facilitate that much needed collaboration, creating positive outcomes for Carriers and their Insureds.

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Why Proactive for Builder's Risk?


The faster a Builder’s Risk Claim is resolved, the better it is for the Insured and the Carrier.  Rapid response often requires extra hands, and Proactive has the requisite bench-strength. Proactive's team of claims experts offer a 360-degree view, leveraging our own experience working as contractors, and our extensive work with Carriers.  With hundreds of Insurance claims processed, our team has refined  processes to guarantee timely response to even the largest and most complex claims.


When Builder’s Risk claims occur, constant communication between Carrier and Insured is critical.  Proactive gets involved early to meet the Insured where they are in the process and to guide them through all aspects of claim submission. This guidance requires a deep technical understanding of construction processes.  Collaboration is essential, and we come from the largest builders in the world, so collaboration around detailed construction processes is baked into our DNA.

Discover the Proactive Approach to Builder's Risk Claims

If you are a Carrier or Contractor utilizing Builder’s Risk insurance, you understand that claims are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you need to have a contentious claims experience. Proactive's deep bench of construction experts offers a 360-degree view for Carriers - leveraging our own experience working as Contractors who have prepared and submitted claims firsthand, along with our extensive knowledge resolving Construction Insurance claims. Our team has handled numerous claims throughout North America and abroad. Proactive’s expertise and collaborative approach helps you drive your claims to successful resolution.

Reach out to Chris and the Builder's Risk Team

Facing a complex Builder's Risk delay claim? Proactive's collaborative and efficient approach can help you achieve a positive resolution. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and discover how our experienced team can streamline the process and minimize costly disruptions.