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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Your professionalism and responsiveness is most appreciated. Thank you for all your efforts with respect to this entire claim.

    -Leading SDI Broker

  • Proactive has been an excellent partner and often feels like an extension of our team. They have built a strong rapport with our customer contacts and have been instrumental in moving the claims process further along while keeping us well informed of any changes in circumstances. We have been hearing great feedback from our insureds regarding the level of service they have been providing.

    -SDI Risk Engineer Leading Insurance Carrier

  • Proactive was wonderful to work with. They helped our insureds receive payment before the 30 day clock ran out, avoided RFIs and we were very pleased with the experience. As a carrier, this shared success is critical. Thank you to the Proactive Team.

    -SDI Risk Engineer Leading Insurance Carrier

  • Your professionalism and responsiveness is most appreciated. Thank you for all your efforts with respect to this entire claim.

    -Leading SDI Broker

SDI Claims Are Complex – Proactive Can Handle It All

SDI claims often involve delay analysis, along with the evaluation of direct and indirect costs. Stakeholders need a one-stop shop which can address each of these areas. Our team members are experts in delay and cost analysis and have analyzed over 350 SDI claims. 

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Why Proactive for SDI?


Achieving positive outcomes is all about understanding the needs of the stakeholders. Proactive understands Contractors because we have been Contractors, and our personnel have submitted SDI claims while working as contractors. We know the challenges that a default creates for Contractors, and we leverage that knowledge to help all stakeholders succeed.


We understand insurance companies and have worked with carriers on SDI claims for over a decade. To achieve positive outcomes in SDI claims, all stakeholders must understand the requirements of the Insurance Companies. We know those requirements because we have helped write them. We know the forms and templates because we helped build them.


When SDI claims occur, you need to move quickly and need bandwidth, experience, and sophisticated processes. Our SDI experts understand the nuances associated with SDI claims as they have experience on over 350 SDI claims and utilize our own highly refined processes. As a result, we help ensure capital is infused into the project quickly, minimizing problems with cash flow and allowing Contractors to focus on the most important job - completing the project.


Proactive helps ensure that Contractors are not working in silos when addressing SDI claims. Working unilaterally can cause delays and slow down the infusion of capital. We encourage and facilitate significant collaboration before, during, and after claim submissions using our highly refined processes to maximize efficiency and speed to claim resolution. That collaboration is part of who Proactive is. It is embedded in our DNA.

Discover the Proactive Approach to SDI Claims

If you are a Contractor or Insurance Company using Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI), you are best-in-class. You require the highest level of SDI expertise to ensure the extraordinarily powerful SDI policy works as intended. So, how can Proactive help? Proactive's deep bench of SDI experts offers a 360-degree view for Carriers - leveraging our own experience working as Contractors who have submitted claims firsthand, and our decade-long experience working with SDI Carriers. Proactive’s expertise helps you drive your claims to successful resolution.

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We are here to answer your questions and tailor an SDI solution that fits your unique project requirements. To download your SDI Checklist or schedule a free consultation today, please fill out the form below.

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