FAQs by Insurance Companies

FAQS by Insurance Companies

Simple - collaboration and overcommunication with your insured.  Set expectations carefully, coach your insured to meet those expectations and establish trust through transparency.

Build a robust process, relying on sophisticated templates, clear instructions, and organization.  When the insured’s information is received according to the suggested organizational structure, the instructions are followed and the templates are used, no time is lost in “getting on the same page” during a submission.

Naturally, in SDI, there may be some differences of opinion as to whether certain claim costs are appropriate.  That is a given.  To communicate that correctly, make sure you understand how a contractor thinks, and communicate in that language. Insurance can be an enigma to many project teams, so be collaborative, transparent, and overcommunicate.

Collaborate and overcommunicate.  Often, project teams are overloaded, and they need support from the Insurers to help them get their submissions correct.  Make sure you have the bandwidth to support your insureds, and that expectations are clear.


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