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Subcontractor Default Insurance Claims Consulting for Contractors

SDI for Contractors

 Through our decade-long experience with SDI and our firsthand work as Contractors, we understand the needs of a Contractor




Our curated list of how Proactive can help is shown below.


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Rapid Reimbursement

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Contractors who have experienced a default know that a rapid reimbursement for losses is critical to project success. They also know that the proper submission of an SDI claim is a complicated task.  With Proactive's 15+ SDI consultants (most of whom have been contractors),  12+ years of SDI experience and expertise in direct/indirect costs and SDI delay analysis - we can help. Whether it's the development of workflows to ensure coordination inside your organization or providing bench strength to get the job done for you, working with Proactive is the fastest way to reimbursement.






Ask Proactive to Build Your SDI Claim Workflow to Maximize Efficiency

Full Reimbursement

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To obtain full reimbursement, you the Insured, must provide organized and comprehensive documentation.   It starts with developing best-in-class standards, such as CPM schedules, payment data and detailed records of time spent.  Unfortunately, with a default, you the Insured will be under a tight deadline. As a result, without extra bandwidth, you, the Insured, may obtain minimal payment with many RFIs in the first few submissions. Proactive has processed over 1,000 claim submissions, which means we know what carriers need. With Proactive, Insureds' yield is paid / submitted and there are fewer RFIs. This results in a positive experience.



Ask Proactive for Training on Documentation Pitfalls and Best Practices

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Avoiding Surprises within my Organization

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For project teams and risk managers involved with an SDI claim, surprises can draw negative company leadership attention.  Avoiding surprises requires overcommunication with your carrier, as well as asking the right questions about SDI nuances.  Proactive knows the helpful questions to ask because we have been asking them for 12+ years. With our extensive background in the industry, we know how contractor organizations work and who need to know those nuances.


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