SDI Claims Consulting for Insurance Carriers

SDI for Insurance Carriers

Through our decade-long experience with SDI, and our firsthand work as Contractors, we understand the primary needs of insurance companies regarding SDI claims




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Sophisticated Processes


To ensure the SDI product functions as intended, Insurance carriers must put in place a sophisticated, well-thought-out process for the Contractors and Insurers to follow.  Proactive has contributed to the construction of these processes – we have tested and refined them for over a decade.






Ask Proactive to Build your SDI Claim Process

Easy to Use Templates and Instructions


Setting Insured’s expectations as early as possible is one of the keys to successful outcomes.  To do so, your templates must be clean, and instructions to the Insureds must be clear.  Proactive has helped create these templates and continuously fine-tune these tools through our improvement process.


Ask Proactive to Build or Audit your SDI Claim Templates

Bandwidth to Handle Claims


The policy requires Insurance Companies to rapidly respond to claims, which takes several hands.  If the Insurance Company is limited by bandwidth, insureds can become frustrated, and the potential for great outcomes can disappear.  Proactive offers a deep bench to Insurance Companies that need bandwidth, to ensure they can stay ahead of the Insureds and meet expectations.   


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Ability to Speak a Contractor’s Language


The construction industry has an extensive vocabulary – one that takes individuals several years to learn. Confusion around the dialect can lead to slowdowns and frustration. Proactive’s team members have worked as Contractors, so we speak the language.  We bridge any communication gaps, leading to positive outcomes for both the Insurance Companies and the Insureds.


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Expertise in Direct and Indirect Costs and Delay Analysis


SDI claims can be nuanced, with the need for CPM delay analyses and the evaluation of direct and indirect costs.  It can be difficult for an insured to manage multiple experts through the assessment.  Proactive has assembled a team of specialists who have testified to these issues and can handle your claim evaluation from beginning to end.


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